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Program Officer for Molecular Epidemiology in the Division of Aging Biology

We are looking to fill a Program Officer position in the Division of Aging Biology (DAB) for a new portfolio on Molecular Epidemiology. As applied to the biology of aging, the molecular epidemiology program officer will be responsible for managing a research portfolio that contributes to a better understanding of aging as a risk factor for functional declines that permit or contribute to disease — or facilitate avoidance or tolerance of disease. This research will emphasize geroscience concepts in the involvement of intrinsic and extrinsic risk factors recognized at the molecular level and related to the etiology of disease and dysfunction in the health of aging populations and individuals.

Major challenges for this field include the dichotomy between adaptive and pathological aspects of aging, and the development of methods to identify outliers in populations for characteristics of faster or slower rates of aging. In addition, a fundamental question for molecular epidemiology applied to aging is how to quantify aging as the primary risk factor for deterioration of biological function among which are increased risks of infectious or chronic disease. Given emerging opportunities to utilize the tools of molecular epidemiology such as open-source data, and the availability of large data sets from human studies to inform and guide the study of aging biology, the development of this portfolio within the DAB is needed and timely.

Major emphasis of this new portfolio will be on:

The Program Officer for the Molecular Epidemiology Portfolio also will work closely with the Deputy Division Director in developing programs on the biology of health disparities. The position requires collaborations within DAB across portfolios and within NIA, across divisions.

The appropriate individual for this position will be a scientist with a research background in basic biology and/or molecular epidemiology with a Ph.D. or M.D. degree (or equivalent).

This is a Federal GS-13 or GS-14 position located in Montgomery County, MD. The level will be based upon individual qualifications and professional experience. Salary is commensurate with the candidate’s experience and a full package of Civil Series benefits is available, including recruitment, health and life insurance, leave, and savings (401K equivalent). The position is in the Cell Biology Branch of the Division of Aging Biology.

Information on the Division and the Aging Physiology Branch can be found at

To Apply

Applications must be made through in response to the NIH Global Announcement. The next such announcement is expected in January 2022. Applicants should respond under the NIH Supervisory Health Science Administrator announcement, and applications must be submitted through that website to be considered. Please note that there are two announcements: one for applicants who are currently federal employees and one for those who are NOT currently federal employees. All inquiries will remain confidential.

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