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The Office of Special Populations is Hiring!

The NIA Office of Special Populations (OSP) at NIH is responsible for catalyzing research that improves minority health, eliminates health disparities, and promotes a more diverse scientific workforce. OSP is offering an exciting opportunity for an individual to aid in advancing the science of Health Disparities Research, Minority Health Research, and promote scientific workforce Diversity Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) as a Health Scientist Administrator or Social and Behavioral Scientist Administrator, GS-13/14.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Plans, coordinates, reviews, and evaluates activities related to improving minority health, eliminate health disparities research, and promote scientific workforce diversity.

  • Facilitates developing activities that advance the science of minority health, health disparities research, and scientific workforce diversity.

  • Evaluates career development activities that promote a diverse research workforce.

  • Translates and disseminates research information.

  • Fosters innovative collaborations and partnerships.

  • Ability to multitask and effectively demonstrate flexibility while coordinating various activities.

  • Ability to compose professional correspondences effectively, clearly, and concisely. 

Who should apply?

The ideal candidate has experience in the following:

  • Developing and implementing interventions that address the health of minoritized populations.  

  • Applying recognized frameworks and models commonly used in program evaluation developing and implementing evaluation research programs. Experience should reflect involvement from conceptualization through disseminating findings.

  • Distilling peer-reviewed literature in health disparities research, minority health research, and efforts to promote scientific workforce DEIA

  • Understanding of how program analysis differs from and compliments program evaluation and possess skills commonly used to conduct formal health-related program evaluation.
  • Effectively communicating results and interpreting findings from analyses and evaluation activities.

  • Engaging lay audiences on scientific matters and can effectively communicating scientific processes such as developing evidence-based interventions.

  • Coordinating activities intended to eliminate health disparities, improve minority health, promote scientific workforce diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.  

How to apply

Interested candidates are encouraged to send their cover letter expressing interest, CV with a bibliography of peer-reviewed publications to Dr. Patricia Jones.

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