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Nutritional Interventions to Promote Healthy Aging workshop

The National Institute on Aging “Nutritional Interventions to Promote Healthy Aging” workshop explores research needs and opportunities for research relating to possible human intervention studies on different nutritional interventions that might extend longevity and/or health span. The primary focus of the workshop will be on human studies, but it will also consider needs for laboratory animal studies that could inform the design of human studies on this topic.

Two principal topics addressed are a) implications for further studies based on results from the CALERIE trial of caloric restriction in humans and other recent human weight loss studies, and b) potential human intervention studies of alternative dietary regimens (e.g., amino acid restriction, intermittent fasting, modified macronutrient intake and/or nutrient sources, circadian timing of food intake) which have been shown to affect aging-related outcomes in laboratory animals and/or short-term human studies.

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