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NIA Training Course in Experimental Aging Research – August 1 Application Deadline

The August 1 application deadline for the 29th Annual NIA Training Course is quickly approaching. This well-regarded training course in experimental aging research will be hosted by the Buck Institute for Research on Aging on October 17-21, 2022. The course is meant primarily for approximately 15-20 junior faculty and advanced fellows with at least two years postdoctoral experience in cell or molecular biology or a related field. Senior scientists who wish to learn about current aging research are also welcome to apply.

Each day of the course includes: i) overview lectures on a pivotal topic in modern aging research; ii) development workshops at which trainees present a research proposal, which will be critiqued by workshop faculty with aging expertise; iii) faculty research talks on selected topics. Faculty for the 2022 course include some of the world's leading scientists in the aging and longevity research community.

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