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Division Announcements

NIA Grantee Heidi Williams awarded 2015 MacArthur Fellowship

Heidi Williams, Class of 1957 Career Development Assistant Professor in the Economics Department at MIT, was awarded a 2015 MacArthur Fellowship. The citation recognizes her as

“….an economist unraveling the causes and consequences of innovation in health care markets. Williams combines finely grained empirical observations and custom-designed data collection methods to build entirely new datasets about technological changes in health care. In addition, her creative methods for determining causal inference, and keen understanding of regulatory law, biological science, and medical research, have allowed her to trace the interplay among institutions, market behavior, and public policy–relevant outcomes.“

During her studies for her PhD, Dr. Williams was a trainee supported by an NIA T32 institutional training grant, led by David Wise. She is now Principal Investigator for a project “Empirical Studies of the Development and Diffusion of Medical Technologies,” managed by NIA with funds from the NIH Common Fund program in Health Economics.

All of us at NIA/BSR are delighted to congratulate Heidi Williams on this well deserved recognition of her work!