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Join NIA's Clinical Gerontology Branch as a Health Specialist

NIA's Division of Geriatrics and Clinical Gerontology (DGCG) seeks a highly motivated individual to provide support and contribute to the work of its Clinical Gerontology Branch (CGB).

The Clinical Gerontology Branch focuses on clinically-related research on aging changes over the life span. Research emphases include:

  • Healthy aging across the life span, including exceptional longevity

  • Protective factors against multiple age-related conditions

  • Determinants of rates of progression of age-related changes that affect disease risk, particularly those for multiple age-related conditions

  • Influence of factors in childhood on health across the adult years

  • Menopause and mid-life aging changes

  • Translational human research to follow up findings from basic research on aging

  • Long-term effects of current or new interventions that may be administered over a large part of the life span

  • Long-term effects of physical activity throughout the life span

This position in CGB requires an individual with a relevant health-related Ph.D. degree or a M.S. degree plus three (3) years of specialized experience, who is especially detail-oriented and has strong organizational skills. The selected candidate should be comfortable with identifying and pursuing creative problem solving, as well as have the ability to effectively write and communicate in a concise manner to a variety of stakeholders. The position responsibilities include:

  • Working with staff on the development of Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) in areas of research emphasis; draft related approval memos, as needed; track and incorporate suggested edits to initiatives; work with staff to meet timelines for publication in the NIH Guide to Grants and Contracts.

  • Assist staff with developing, monitoring and updating of FOA-related informational web pages and coordination of these activities with the NIA Office of Communications and Public Liaison (OCPL), as appropriate.

  • Assist in monitoring the status of applications and awards from initial submission, peer review and through post-award administration; and as applicable, produce documents and responses to requests for information.

  • Work with staff on various grants-related administrative activities, including preparing funding plans; evaluate progress reports for funded projects; gather necessary supporting documentation from applicants or grantees.

  • Coordinate with investigators, institutions, organizations and other government agencies engaged in assigned research activities and related fields; provide assistance to prospective grantees on various grant mechanisms and grant review processes; monitor awards of public health contracts, grants and cooperative agreements

  • Collaborate with staff on drafting of technical reports, including write-ups for reporting purposes, such as scientific advances.

  • Work with the Project Scientist/Project Officer to support the management of research resources, technical administration and programmatic evaluation of funded grants and other activities; use electronic databases to conduct programmatic analyses; provide advice to program staff on issues related to the program; attend scientific review meetings.

  • Work with staff on the planning of scientific workshops.

  • Prepare summaries, reports and minutes of meetings involving discussions of scientific issues or activities.

  • Prepare briefings and presentations on research progress.

  • Review internal processes and procedures, make recommendations for improvements to promote efficiency and productivity; evaluate, process, and make recommendations for effective organizational changes.

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