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Division Announcements

Division of Geriatrics and Clinical Gerontology is hiring health specialists and health science administrators

The Division of Geriatrics and Clinical Gerontology (DGCG) at NIA is planning to recruit Health Science Administrators (Program Officers) and Health Specialists in multiple branches within the Division. DGCG supports clinical and translational research on health and disease in the aged, and research on aging over the human life span, including its relationships to health outcomes. Learn more about DGCG leadership and branches.

Interested parties should contact Winnie Rossi.

Program Analyst, Office of the Director, DGCG, NIA Aging Research Biobank

Please view the updated position description.

Health Specialists, Geriatrics Branch (GB) and Clinical Gerontology Branch (CGB)

One position; GS-11/12/13

GB and CGB have growing scientific portfolios and plan to hire one Health Specialist for each Branch to help meet unique branch needs and support the following activities:   

  • Conducting literature searches, portfolio analyses, and program analyses
  • Assisting with PCC coding
  • Working with program staff to develop Funding Opportunity Announcements, new research initiatives, and exploratory meetings of scientific experts
  • Assisting with the oversight and support of large study/cooperative agreement monitoring board

Health Scientist Administrator, Clinical Gerontology Branch (CGB), Clinical Translational Aging Research

One position; GS-12/13/14

This position will focus on the oversight of activities related to and program development of clinical translational aging research. The incumbent will oversee and coordinate activities of the recently established Network on the development and validation of aging mechanisms based predictive markers, including further development of predictive markers of aging. The incumbent will also collaborate with other NIA Divisions to address common translational research challenges such as limited availability of human in vitro models for a variety of aging conditions and other strategies to better predict the biological and toxicological effects of new therapeutics in humans at earlier stages of the translational research process.  

Health Scientist Administrator, Clinical Gerontology Branch (CGB), Juvenile Protective Factors and Resiliencies

One position; GS-12/13/14

This position will focus on the oversight of existing projects and additional program development of research on aging changes across the life span-- the application of a life course perspective for identifying risk and protective factors in early- and mid-life which influence health trajectories at subsequent stages of the human life span. The incumbent will be responsible for advancing research on juvenile protective factors (i.e., intrinsic factors during postnatal growth and development which protect from injuries and promote resiliencies but either decline or disappear with postnatal maturational transitions and/or at time of maturity to adulthood (puberty) and thereby, contribute to adverse aging changes/health outcomes across the adult years). Additionally, the incumbent will focus on current activities and development of new programmatic activities and across-Division efforts on resiliencies.

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