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Division Announcements

The Division of Behavioral and Social Research (BSR) is hiring a Health Specialists or Social Science Analyst

Position Descriptions

BSR offers a scientifically energizing and collegial environment with opportunities to support innovative social, behavioral, psychological, and economic research programs in aging and Alzheimer’s disease and to participate on interdisciplinary scientific teams. The ideal candidate has a Master’s degree (or equivalent) and research experience in the social, behavioral, or data sciences. Prior experience in aging research is ideal, but not required.

Population and Social Processes Branch Specialists/Analyst

Interested parties should contact John W. R. Phillips (

  • The PSP Branch supports research and data infrastructure development projects on how demographic, social, economic, institutional, geographic, and other factors at the population level influence health and mortality at older ages, including physical and cognitive functioning, AD/ADRD, disability, morbidity, and well-being. PSP supports programs on economics of aging, health systems, and health services, with an emphasis on understanding the drivers of health disparities. It develops and oversees several large data and harmonization/sharing research infrastructure activities, including staff-intensive projects such as the HRS and its international comparators as well as the Demography and Economics Centers program. This position supports the program officers in the PSP branch, assisting with grant portfolio administration, scientific workshop and funding opportunity development, literature reviews, and portfolio analyses to support new and ongoing BSR research initiatives that address divisional priorities (PDF, 433K) and the National Alzheimer’s Plan of Action.

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