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Division Announcements

The Division of Behavioral and Social Research (BSR) of the National Institute on Aging (NIA) is hiring Program Officers!

The Division of Behavioral and Social Research (BSR) of the National Institute on Aging (NIA) offers a scientifically energizing and collegial environment with opportunities to engage the scientific community and support innovative social, behavioral, psychological, and economic research in aging and Alzheimer’s disease. We have three Program Officer positions available.

Program Officer candidates will have opportunities to cultivate a portfolio of grant-supported research; lead and participate in transdisciplinary research collaborations; and develop scientific programming (e.g., symposia, special journal issues, conferences, and workshops). Applicants preferably have experience working in interdisciplinary teams. Prior experience in aging research is ideal, but not required.

Individual Behavioral Processes Branch Program Officer Position. Interested parties should contact Janine Simmons (

  • Program Officer: Psychobiology and the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease - The successful candidate will develop a portfolio of life-span biobehavioral research on developmental origins of health and disease and behavioral approaches to geroscience. Topics for development include: elucidating factors that influence the pace of aging; identifying potential biobehavioral, psychological, interpersonal, and social targets for innovative interventions to slow aging and promote stress resilience; advancing understanding of the biobehavioral phenotypes and mechanisms associated with receptivity to behavioral change; clarifying factors that promote acceptability of treatments across disparate populations. Relevant expertise may include, but is not limited to behavioral and psychosomatic medicine, epigenetics, psychoneuroimmunology, and/or developmental psychiatry.

Population and Social Processes Branch Program Officer Positions. Interested parties should contact John W. R. Phillips (

  • Program Officer: Health Systems and Heath Economics - The successful candidate will have responsibility for developing and managing a portfolio of research grants on exploring the influence of health systems on care for older populations that features research utilizing large administrative data sets and quasi-experimental techniques, as well as pragmatic trials and field experiments utilizing behavioral economic approaches to produce efficient improvements in care. This team member will also initiate research in other areas of the economics of aging including how economic factors (e.g., taxes, prices, economic shocks, etc.) affect health and well-being, health-related behaviors, healthcare utilization, socioeconomic disparities, and responses to public health interventions.

  • Program Officer: Population Genetics/Biodemography - The successful candidate will bring expertise in social science coupled with experience integrating genetics and biology into the study of how demographic, social, economic, institutional, geographic, and other factors at the population level influence health and well-being across the life course and at older ages. This team member would help expand NIA investments in research and infrastructure projects in population genetics and social hallmarks of aging, including biomarker collection in large population-representative longitudinal studies to facilitate such research.

SUBMIT A CV AND GET UPDATES ON APPLICATION DEADLINES! Interested candidates who wish to be considered for any of these positions are encouraged to send a CV and a sample publication to Please specify which position you are interested in being considered for. You will be contacted when formal job announcements associated with these positions are posted on