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Census Bureau releases interactive Story Map on population aging trends

An Aging World: 2020 is a new, interactive visualization tool designed to guide users through a data-driven narrative using maps, text, and infographics about population aging.

Arial view of a crowd of people forming a line graph that moves upward.Released recently by the U.S. Census Bureau and funded in part by NIA, the Story Map is designed to provide information on our aging world. While we know a lot about the future dynamics of population aging, there are many issues we’ve yet to unravel and the story of our aging world may unfold in unexpected ways. The evolving family institutions and social networks that provide the foundation of support for each older adult and much of the needed response from governments and policymakers to the challenges of aging are still unclear. A more comprehensive understanding of population aging around the world can help us to anticipate and plan for future trends. The Story Maps tool identifies and displays data on the aging population to help inform demography research and policy to ensure that governments and communities are prepared to meet the opportunities and challenges of an aging population.

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