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Medicines: Common Questions Answered

Get answers to frequently asked questions about medications and older adults, including information on safety, side effects, and talking to your doctor.
Older man talking to pharmacist about medicine

Safe Use of Medicines for Older Adults

Learn about medication safety, read questions to ask the doctor or pharmacist, and get practical tips to make sure you are taking your medicines the right way.
older woman at a pharmacy

Driving Safety and Alzheimer's Disease

Know the danger signs for when a person with Alzheimer's should stop driving. Learn how to discuss the issue sensitively and find transportation alternatives.
Older man with Alzheimer's driving a car

Home Safety and Alzheimer's Disease

Get home safety tips for a person with Alzheimer's or a related dementia. Learn about home safety products, potential dangers, injury and fall prevention, and more.
Shower chair and bathroom grab bars

Balance Problems and Disorders

What causes lack of balance? Learn about balance problems and disorders, symptoms—such as dizziness, vertigo, and lightheadedness—and treatment options.
Older woman using a walker on a sidewalk

Fall-Proofing Your Home

Explore these home safety tips to prevent falls, including simple changes in your living areas, personal and lifestyle changes, and home improvements.
Fall hazards in the home, including a scatter rug, dog, and empty slippers