Health and Aging

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  • Thumbnail of Crime and Older People AgePage Crime and Older People
    Be safe at home and in the community. Get tips to protect your money, fight fraud and identity theft, and stop emotional abuse and other elder abuse.
  • Thumbnail of Falls and Fractures AgePage Falls and Fractures
    Do you have a fear of falling? Find tips on fall prevention, how to avoid tripping and slipping, and ways to lower your chances of getting a fracture.
  • Thumbnail of Home Safety: Alzheimer's Caregiving Tips Home Safety: Alzheimer's Caregiving Tips
    Get tips to make a home safer for a person with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia. Lock up poison and medicine and take steps to prevent falling.
  • Thumbnail of Home Safety for People with Alzheimer's Disease Home Safety for People with Alzheimer's Disease
    Get home safety tips that help a person with Alzheimer’s disease age in place. Learn what to do about driving, emergencies, and more.
  • Thumbnail of Hyperthermia AgePage Hyperthermia: Too Hot for Your Health
    Learn about heat-related illnesses—hyperthermia (e.g., heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat cramps, and more) and seek help for symptoms of heat stroke.
  • Thumbnail of Managing Medicines tip sheet Managing Medicines: Alzheimer's Caregiving Tips
    Get tips to help people with Alzheimer’s take medicine safely. A pillbox and other reminders can reduce confusion. A doctor or pharmacist can help.
  • Thumbnail of Medicines AgePage Medicines: Use Them Safely
    Learn how to take prescription and over-the-counter medications safely. Get tips on what to ask your doctor or pharmacist about buying medicines online.
  • Now What? Next Steps After a Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease
    Have you been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia? Find information about health care, home safety, work, exercise, and more. Get the help you need.
  • Thumbnail of Older Drivers AgePage Older Drivers
    Use these driving tips to stay safe as an older driver. Learn how aging affects driving and know when it’s time to stop.
  • Thumbnail of Safe Use of Medicines booklet Safe Use of Medicines
    Learn about medicine safety. Remember to take your medicines the right way and share this information booklet with family and friends.