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Frontotemporal disorders

Symptoms of Frontotemporal Disorders

Possible symptoms of frontotemporal disorders include behavior problems, language symptoms like aphasia, emotional troubles, and movement changes.
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Diagnosing Frontotemporal Disorders

Find out how a doctor diagnoses frontotemporal dementia and related disorders. Get a list of medical centers where you can get an FTD diagnosis.
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Causes of Frontotemporal Disorders

What causes frontotemporal disorders? In most cases, we don’t know. In other cases, gene mutations lead to this early-onset brain disease. Learn more from NIH.
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Types of Frontotemporal Disorders

Read about types of FTD. One type involves changes in personality, behavior, and judgment. Primary progressive aphasia affects language and PSP affects movement.
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What Are Frontotemporal Disorders?

A type of dementia called FTD tends to strike before age 60 and stems from damage to the brain’s frontal lobe and temporal lobe. Learn more about FTD and brain changes from NIH.
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