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Exercise and physical activity

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Physical activity is an important part of healthy aging. Check out these articles to learn the latest on how exercise and physical activity can help you stay healthy as you age. Find tips on how to fit exercise into your daily life safely and get motivated to get moving!

Exercising With Chronic Conditions

You can still exercise if you have diabetes, arthritis, or another health condition. Talk with your doctor about how your health condition might affect your ability to be active.
Two people jogging

Get Fit for Free

Get tips on how you can exercise without spending money! Download, print, and share this infographic with family and friends.
Get fit for free infographic thumbnail. Click through for more info.

What Do We Know About Healthy Aging?

We all want to maintain good health as we get older. Learn what research tells us about how to take care of our physical, mental, and cognitive health as we age.
Grandmother playing a game with her grandchild

Older Adults and Balance Problems

What causes lack of balance? Learn about balance problems and disorders, symptoms — such as dizziness, vertigo, and lightheadedness — and treatment options.
Older woman using a walker on a sidewalk

Preventing Falls at Home: Room by Room

Explore these home safety tips to prevent falls, including simple changes in your living areas, personal and lifestyle changes, and home improvements.
Fall hazards in the home, including a scatter rug, dog, and empty slippers

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