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Talking With Your Doctor Presentation Toolkit

Help older adults make the most of their medical appointments with the Talking With Your Doctor Presentation Toolkit (based on NIA’s popular booklet Talking With Your Doctor: A Guide for Older People). It’s easy to use—you do not need any special expertise or training. The presentation features tips for how to:

  • Get ready for a doctor’s visit
  • Effectively talk with a clinician about health concerns
  • Make collaborative decisions about treatment
  • Remember what was discussed following the appointment

You can download the entire Presentation Toolkit as a zip file or download each file individually below:

PowerPoint Presentation

First slide of Talking With Your Doctor Presentation Toolkit PowerPoint

Download PowerPoint presentation (PPTX, 4.3M)

Download accessible PDF version of presentation slides (PDF, 4.8M)

The 18-slide, approximately 45-minute, Talking With Your Doctor presentation offers tips for how to prepare for a medical appointment; effectively discuss health concerns, including sensitive issues; coordinate assistance from family and friends; make decisions with the doctor about treatment; and much more. It has interactive activities to involve the audience and reinforce some of the important points in the discussion. Download the presentation as a PowerPoint file (with the speaker script and notes) or as an accessible PDF (slides only).

Speaker Script and Notes

First page of Talking With Your Doctor Presentation Toolkit Speaker Script and Notes

Download speaker script and notes (PDF, 1.3M)

The speaker script is organized according to the slides. The script includes notes for engaging with the audience and implementing activities. There are also cues for when to direct audience attention to a handout. The speaker script and notes are in the PowerPoint file and in this easy-to-follow, printable PDF format.

Presentation Handouts

First page of Talking With Your Doctor Presentation Toolkit Handouts

Download presentation handouts (PDF, 259K)

This packet of handouts is a take-home resource to help audience members remember, and share, what was discussed during the presentation.

You can find translations of these handouts in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, and Spanish on the Family Caregiver Alliance website.

Tips for Preparing for the Presentation

Talking With Your Doctor Presentation Toolkit Tips for Preparing for Presentation

Download speaker instructions (PDF, 121K)

These tips include logistics to consider when preparing for the presentation, including:

  • When to schedule the presentation
  • How to set up the room
  • Potential issues to consider when leading the presentation
  • A checklist of items to bring

Talking with Your Doctor video

View a 20-min. narrated video that explains all you need to know about talking with your doctor, from preparing for a visit to discussing medications, symptoms, and a diagnosis. Use it for a group presentation or individual education.

Download an MP4 version of the video (1.02GB)


Talking With Your Doctor Presentation Toolkit flyer

Download promotional flyer (DOCX, 161K)

This flyer can be used to announce an upcoming presentation. It can be easily customized with the date, time, and location of your upcoming session.


We'd like to get your feedback about the Talking With Your Doctor Presentation Toolkit. Please email us with any comments or suggestions.

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