Heath and Aging

What's Your Aging IQ?

Sam is 70.

Sam is 70. older man napping in a reclinerHe can't understand why he is more tired than he used to be. He goes to bed and gets up at the same time he always has. He often takes an afternoon nap. Maybe it's because he has a lot on his mind right now. His younger brother was just diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Sam's worried because he seems to be more forgetful than before—even a little confused sometimes. Could he have Alzheimer's too?

11. The older a person gets, the less he or she needs sleep. True / False

12. Forgetfulness and even a little confusion could come from a variety of causes, not necessarily Alzheimer's disease. True / False

13. Could Sam develop Alzheimer's disease like his brother has? Yes / No

Osteoporosis, heart disease, eye problems, trouble sleeping—just to name some of the things we've discussed. No wonder older people seem to take a lot of medicine!

14.Which age group uses the most prescription medicines?
a. Under age 18
b. Age 18 to 44
c. Age 65 and older

Publication Date: July 2010
Page Last Updated: January 22, 2015

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