Heath and Aging

What's Your Aging IQ?

John is 72.

John, age 72, appears to be fairly healthy, but he takes several medicines regularly. There are pills for his high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and arthritis, plus a multi-vitamin. It's a little hard to keep track of them all. What he would really like is a "fountain of youth" pill. Maybe he'll try some of those dietary supplements. His daughter says exercise, eat well, and keep your mind active—you'll stay young at heart. She wants him to get a computer and learn how to email his grandchildren. He says, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks."

25. John should check with his doctor before trying a dietary supplement. Even though they may claim to be natural, does that mean safe and effective? Yes / No

26. Older people can't learn new things. True / False

27. Is there a "fountain of youth" treatment? Yes / No

So, since more Americans are living longer, will there be many more people who are 100 or older in the future?

28. In 2007 there were an estimated 80,771 centenarians, people over the age of 100, in America. The estimated number of centenarians in the U.S. in the year 2050 could be:
a. 112,000
b. 238,000
c. 600,0000

Publication Date: July 2010
Page Last Updated: January 22, 2015

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