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Stay Safe in Cold Weather!

Talk with your doctor about how to stay safe in cold weather

Rodney’s story

Image of older couple walking in shopping mallI have diabetes and my wife Rita has had some heart problems. Our doctor told us the medicines we take could make it easy for us to get really cold before we even know what's happening. That’s not good.

Our doctor said it would help if we stay active, even in cold weather. So, in the fall and winter we walk inside at the shopping center each morning to stay active. It’s great! Rita and I can keep moving and still stay inside when it’s cold.

Talk with your doctor about how to stay safe in cold weather

Some illnesses may make it harder for your body to stay warm. Taking some medicines and not being active also can affect body heat. Your doctor can help you find ways to prevent hypothermia.

Tips for talking with your doctor about hypothermia:

  • Ask your doctor about signs of hypothermia.
  • Talk to your doctor about any health problems and medicines that can make hypothermia a special problem for you.
  • Ask about safe ways to stay active even when it’s cold outside.


Publication Date: June 2011
Page Last Updated: January 22, 2015