Heath and Aging

It's Never Too Late to Start Exercising

The next day at Lucy and Pepe's...

Lucy, Teresita, and Pepe

Pepe: Okay, tell me... what are you so excited about?

Lucy: Teresita is telling me about a group of older people like us who get together three times a week to be more active. They have a lot of fun!

Lucy, Teresita, and Pepe

Pepe: Older people? Who are you calling old?

Lucy: Oh Pepe, you don't take anything seriously.

Lucy, Teresita, and Pepe

Teresita: We have a good time and you should see how much my life has changed for the better.

Pepe: And what do you do?

Teresita and Pepe

Teresita: We exercise.

Pepe: Stop there!

Lucy, Teresita, and Pepe

Teresita: But let me tell you. At our age, it is important to be active.

Pepe: Comadre, since when are you a doctor? How do you know all this?

Teresita: We use this guide in our group. Look, everything is very well explained.

Pepe: Well, this does look interesting. How can I get a copy?

Teresita: You can read the information on the web or you can order a free copy and have it mailed to you.


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