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Older Adults and Alcohol: You Can Get Help

Learn how alcohol affects the body as you get older and how much alcohol is too much for older adults. Get tips on getting sober.

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Keywords: Alcohol Use or Abuse

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Workout to Go: A Sample Exercise Routine from the National Institute on Aging at NIH

Build up your strength, flexibility, and balance with this free workout routine. These exercises are the best for o lder adults, at home or on the go.

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Keywords: Exercise, Physical Activity, Healthy Aging, Longevity

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Stay Safe in Cold Weather!

Learn about hypothermia, or low body temperature, and its effects on older adults. Get safety tips for when it’s cold outside.

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Keywords: Personal Safety, Hypothermia

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Aging Hearts and Arteries: A Scientific Quest

Older adults are at a higher risk for heart attack, stroke, and cardiovascular disease. Get in-depth information about the effects of aging on the heart, blood vessels, and other parts of the body.

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Keywords: Cardiovascular, Heart Conditions, Research

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Shades of Gray: A Cross-Country Study of Health and Well-Being of the Older Populations in SAGE Countries, 2007-2010

This U.S. Census Bureau report based on data from the Study on Global Ageing and Adult Health (SAGE) examines health status and access to health care among older populations in six low- to middle-income countries—China, Ghana, India, Mexico, Russia, and South Africa.

Keywords: Healthy Aging, Longevity, Aging Research