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Shots For Safety

Read about shots for shingles, pneumonia, flu (influenza), tetanus, diphtheria, MMR, and other diseases. Learn how these vaccines can keep you well.

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Keywords: Shots, Immunizations, Prevention

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Hearing Loss

Learn about the types of hearing loss common in older people, devices that can help you hear better, and tips to help people cope with hearing loss.

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Keywords: Ear Nose Throat

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Flu—Get the Shot

Learn all about flu—how it spreads, symptoms and treatment, the difference between cold and flu, and the importance of getting a flu shot.

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Keywords: Flu, Shots, Immunizations, Prevention, Influenza

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Crime and Older People

Be safe at home and in the community. Get tips to protect your money, fight fraud and identity theft, and stop emotional abuse and other elder abuse.

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Keywords: Safety, Risk, Fraud, Elder Abuse, Personal Safety

Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence can happen to both men and women and is more common in older people. Learn about the condition and how to manage it.  

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Keywords: Incontinence, Kidneys and Urinary System