Heath and Aging


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Sexuality in Later Life

Learn how to have a healthy, safe sex life as you age and about sexuality issues like erectile dysfunction, changes to your libido, and avoiding STDs.

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Keywords: Sexuality, Women's Health, Emotional Health, Men's Health

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A Good Night's Sleep

Learn about insomnia, sleep apnea, periodic limb movement disorder, and other sleep disorders. Get tips on how to fall asleep and sleep better.

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Keywords: Sleep, Well-Being, Sleep Disorders

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Understanding Lung Problems—Make Each Breath Healthy

Find out about pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, lung cancer, and other diseases of the lungs. Learn about cough or symptoms when you breathe.

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Keywords: Lungs and Breathing, Cancer, Smoking

Aging and Your Eyes

Protect your vision and eye health as you age. Learn about glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, detached retina, and other problems.

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Keywords: Cataracts, Eyes and Vision, Glaucoma

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Kidney Disease: A Silent Problem

Learn about kidney disease, protein (albumin) in urine, and the GFR test. For end stage renal disease, get facts on dialysis and renal transplants.

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Keywords: Kidneys and Urinary System, End Stage Renal Disease, Medicare

Exercise and Physical Activity: Getting Fit for Life

Learn about types of exercise, such as for strength, balance, endurance, and flexibility, and discover the benefits of physical activity.

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Keywords: Exercise, Physical Activity

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Taking Care of Your Teeth and Mouth

Keep your teeth and gums healthy! Get facts about oral cancer, dry mouth, using dentures, and how to find low-cost dental care.

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Keywords: Teeth and Mouth, Gum Disease, Eating

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Diabetes in Older People

Learn how to tell if you have diabetes, steps to take if you have prediabetes, and tips to control blood glucose levels and stay healthy.

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Keywords: Diabetes, Prevention, Medicare, Foot Problems, Kidneys and Urinary System

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Getting Your Affairs in Order

Get organized before a medical emergency! Use this list to get your legal and financial papers in order, and learn about advance directives, wills, and trusts.

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Keywords: End of Life, Financial Planning, Legal Planning, Advance Directives

Hypothermia: A Cold Weather Hazard

Hypothermia: A Cold Weather Hazard

Learn about hypothermia, including symptoms and signs, low body temperature causes, and tips for staying warm, such as getting a space heater.

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Keywords: Hypothermia, Personal Safety