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Cognitive Health

Participating in Cognitive Health Research

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other organizations conduct and support a variety of studies looking at cognition and the brain. These studies look at how the brain changes with age, diseases and conditions that may affect the brain, and how to best reduce risk of disease and keep the brain healthy and functioning with age.Doctor examining brain scans

The National Institute on Aging at NIH, for example, supports clinical trials focused on age-related cognitive decline, cognitive impairment, and dementia. These trials are testing possible ways to preserve or improve thinking abilities and functioning in older people and to avoid diseases and conditions that cause cognitive impairment and dementia.

Interventions to treat and prevent Alzheimer's disease and related dementias, such as frontotemporal disorders and Lewy body dementia, are underway. The research goal of the National Plan to Address Alzheimer's Disease seeks to find effective treatments by 2025.

Participating in Cognitive Health Research

Finding answers and effective treatments will require all kinds of people to participate in clinical trials and studies. All of these studies depend on one thing—volunteers. What can you do to help brain health research? First, learn more about clinical research:

Next, see if participation in a clinical trial might be a good fit for you or someone you know. To find clinical trials and studies in your area:

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