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Talking With Your Doctor: Tips for Seniors Infographic

Good doctor-patient communication is important for good health care, but it can be challenging. Share this infographic to spread the word about ways older adults can get the most out of their medical visits.

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Talking with your doctor. Full transcript below.

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  • Good doctor-patient communication supports good health. Share #NIH infographic w/ tips on talking w/ dr:
  • Seniors: Get tips for talking with your doctor in this #NIH infographic. Be prepared for your next medical visit!
  • 18 seconds – the average time MDs wait before interrupting patients. Share tips to help w/ communication:


You only have 18 seconds - that's the average time a doctor waits before interrupting a patient. As a patient, it is important you are able to obtain, communicate, process, and understand basic health information. 

Be prepared for your visit:

  • Make a list of concerns in order of their importance to you.
  • Write down all of your medications, vitamins, and supplements.
  • Note all health and life changes since your last visit.

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