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Take Care of Yourself as a Caregiver

Caregiving can be rewarding, but it is also challenging. Taking time for yourself can make you a better caregiver.

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Take Care of Yourself as a Caregiver infographic. Full transcript below.

Give yourself credit for everything you’re doing. Ask for help when you need it. Your caregiving makes a big difference in someone else’s life.

NIA offers ideas, tips, and resources for many aspects of caregiving, including long-distance caregiving, Alzheimer’s caregiving, and planning for long-term care.

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Take Care of Yourself as a Caregiver

  • Make time for a hobby you enjoy.
  • Go to sleep a half-hour earlier.
  • Take a short walk outside.
  • Try a yoga class.
  • Meet a friend for lunch.
  • Join a support group.

Activities like these can lower your stress, boost your mood, and help make you a better caregiver, too.

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