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No More Excuses! Overcome Exercise Barriers

Too busy to exercise? No energy? So many things can get in the way of being active. Get tips on how you can overcome exercise barriers and stop making excuses.

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No more excuses! Overcome exercise barriers infographic. Full transcript below.

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  • Check out this infographic to help you overcome common #exercise barriers like lack of time, boredom, cost, & fatigue.
  • No time? Too boring? Too expensive? Too tired? Bust your #exercise excuses with tips in this infographic from the National Institute on Aging at NIH.


Many older adults know they should be more active, but find it hard to fit exercise into their lives.

Check out these tips to learn how you can stop making excuses and get moving to improve your health.

  • No time. Exercise first thing in the morning or combine physical activity with a task that’s already part of your day.
  • Too boring. Do things you enjoy and try new activities to keep exercise interesting and fun.
  • Too expensive. Wear a pair of comfortable, non-skid shoes for walking and use soup cans or water bottles to strength train.
  • Too tired. Regular, moderate physical activity can help reduce fatigue and even help you manage stress.

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