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Getting Your Affairs in Order: Advance Care Planning

Are your affairs in order? Use this checklist to make legal and financial plans now for your health care in the future.

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Getting your affairs in order: Advance care planning. Use this checklist to ensure healthcare & financial arrangements are in place before a crisis. Start discussions early. Create documents that communicate healthcare, financial management, and end of life wishes. Review plans regularly. Put important papers in one place. Make copies.  Give permission for caregivers to talk to doctors & lawyers. Reduce anxiety about funeral arrangements by planning ahead.

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  • Read and share this infographic about getting your healthcare and financial affairs in order:

  • Be prepared! Use the checklist in this infographic to help plan for future healthcare needs.

  • Reduce caregiving stress by talking with your loved ones early about their healthcare preferences and arrangements. Check out this infographic which includes a checklist for getting advance care plans in order: