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Get Fit for Free

Exercise has many benefits and you can be active in many ways without spending any money. Learn how to get moving without spending a dime.

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Get fit for free. Exercise is key to healthy aging. Try all 4 types of exercise for the most benefits: endurance, strength, balance, & flexibility. Here's some ideas that don't cost a dime: Go for a hike or up and down stairs. Make weights w/ water bottles or other household items. Participate in a community walk or clean up. Join a local rec league. Walk or roll with family/friends in neighborhood.

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  • Getting fit doesn't have to cost money! Check out these free ways to be active in and out of the house:
  • Be active without spending a dime with these #exercise ideas from the National Institute on Aging at NIH:
  • Physical activity is key to healthy aging. Doing endurance, strength, balance, & flexibility exercises regularly can help you maintain health and independence as you age. This infographic has ideas on getting fit without spending money: