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Concerned About Driving Safety?

Changes in health may affect driving skills over time. If you have concerns about a family member or friend, learn how to help them stay safe behind the wheel.

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Concerned about driving safety? There are more than 41 million licensed drivers age 65 & older on the roads, up from 26 million 20 years ago. As a person ages, changes in health-including problems w vision, hearing, & reflexes-may affect driving skills. Risk of being injured or killed in a crash also increases. If you are worried about a friend/family member, take these steps: observe driving skills, look for signs they should stop driving (accidents, tickets), talk about safety & how to stay independent

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  • Are you concerned about a friend or family member’s driving? Check out this infographic for steps to take to help keep them safe:
  • As you get older, changes in health—including vision, hearing, and reflexes—may affect driving skills. If you are worried about a family member or friend putting themselves or others at risk on the road, read this infographic:
  • Read and share this infographic about driving safety and older adults from the National Institute on Aging at NIH: