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Making a plan to eat healthy can keep you healthy and active for longer. Read these articles on how to make smart food choices, shop for healthy food on a budget, and what vitamins and minerals older people need. Use the sample menus to plan your meals and shopping list!

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Know Your Food Groups

How to eat healthy? Choose a variety of nutrient-dense foods across and within all the food groups: vegetables, fruits, grains, protein foods, dairy products, and oils.
Bibimbop brown rice bowl

Vitamins and Minerals for Older Adults

Older adults may have different vitamin and mineral needs than younger adults. Find recommended amounts and information on calcium, sodium, vitamin D, and more.
Variety of vitamins in a person's hand.

Getting Enough Fluids

Drinking enough fluids helps you digest food, absorb nutrients, and get rid of waste. Read these tips to help you get enough fluids.
Grandmother drinking water with her grandson

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Balancing the calories you eat and physical activity is key to maintaining a healthy weight. Learn how exercise and healthy eating can help.
Unused bathroom scale

Reading Food Labels

Reading food labels can help you make smart food choices. Learn how to read and understand the product date, ingredient list, and Nutrition Facts label.
Samples of food labels

Food Safety

Practice food safety to avoid getting sick from your food. When cooking—clean, separate, cook, chill. Learn how.
Eggs with a sticky note saying "Food Safety" on top