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Tips To Boost Your Health as You Age

Many factors can influence healthy aging. While some of these factors, such as genetics, are not within our control, research shows there are steps you can take to help manage your health as you age. Even making small changes in your daily life can help you live longer and better.

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Tips To Boost Health As You Age Infographic. See transcript below.

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Read a transcript of the infographic

Did you know that making lifestyle changes can help you live longer and better? Try these tips to get started.

  • Get moving — try gardening, biking, or walking.
  • Choose healthy foods rich in nutrients.
  • Manage stress — try yoga or keep a journal.
  • Learn something new — take a class or join a club.
  • Go to the doctor regularly.
  • Connect with family and friends.

Learn more about steps you can take to promote healthy aging.

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