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NIA now offers a free way for you to get health and aging information for your website. Keep your site fresh with credible material that automatically updates. Choose from information on Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and other health topics for older adults.

 Create a free account at 2: Sign in, browse, and choose your N I A health topics. 3. Add the code to your site -- info updates automatically.How can you get access?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Create a free account at
  2. Sign in, browse, and choose your NIA health topics
  3. Add the code to your site—info updates automatically

Download step-by-step instructions (Word, 935K) on how to get your free content.

Are your online resources accurate and complete?

Using NIA information saves you time and money: you don’t have to write your own health and aging webpages or worry about updating them. Browse and choose topics for your website. Then, use font and color styles to make them look just like the rest of the information on your site.

Didn’t find a topic you were looking for? Need assistance?

We’ll be adding to our offerings periodically, so please let us know if you have a request.

If you need help or have any feedback, please call the NIA Office of Communications and Public Liaison at the National Institute on Aging at (301) 496-1752.