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If My Parent Has Alzheimer’s Disease, Will I Have It Too?

Many people wonder if Alzheimer’s disease runs in their family. This infographic provides an overview of the role of genetics and Alzheimer’s disease risk.

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If My Parent Has Alzheimer's, Will I Have it Too? Infographic. Open transcript below for full description

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If My Parent Has Alzheimer’s Disease, Will I Have It Too?

A family history of Alzheimer’s does not mean for certain that you will have it. But it may mean that you are more likely to develop it.

  • Genes are passed down from a person's biological parents.
  • In most cases, Alzheimer's does not have a single genetic cause. Variants in certain genes can either positively or negatively affect your risk.
  • In rare cases, people can have a single genetic variant that causes Alzheimer's.
  • Lifestyle factors, such as exercise, diet, and smoking, can have positive or negative effects by changing the activity of certain genes.

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