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If a Family Member Has Alzheimer's Disease, Will I Have It, Too?

Learning about your family health history may help you know if you are at increased risk for certain diseases or medical conditions, like Alzheimer's disease.

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If a family member has Alzheimer's Disease, will I have it, too? Full transcript below.

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A family history of Alzheimer's does not mean for sure that you'll have it. But, it may mean you are more likely to develop it. Genes are passed down from a person's birth parents. Your chance of developing the disease may be higher if you have certain genes.

Early-onset Alzheimer's happens from 30-60 years old. Late-onset Alzheimer's happens from the mid-60s and older.

Know your risk. Learn about your family health history to discover patterns of disease and risk factors in your family. This information can help you know if you should see a doctor or join or clinical trial or study.

Learn more about Alzheimer's genetics.

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