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Featured Health Topic: Memory/Cognitive Health

Woman looking at family photosCognition is the ability to think, learn, and remember. It is the basis for how we reason, judge, concentrate, plan, and organize. Good cognitive health, like physical health, is very important as we get older, so that we can stay independent and keep active. Some declines in cognition and memory with age are normal, but sometimes they can signal problems. Scientists are studying how people might keep their brains sharp and prevent the cognitive decline seen in Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. Many possibilities are being tested.

The National Institute on Aging at NIH has information that can help with some questions about forgetfulness or brain health. The evidence-based resources listed here help explain some of the critical research being done in this area.

Featured Research

Researchers reviewing test results on a computer screenCan we modify the brain to prevent memory loss, lags in processing, and other signs of cognitive decline? The Synapse Project at the University of Texas at Dallas is comparing intellectual stimulation, social interaction, and exercise as potential strategies for preventing cognitive decline. Read more about the Synapse Project and related research »

More Research on Memory and Cognitive Health