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Five Tips for Exercising Safely During Cold Weather

Even when it's cold, you may be able to exercise outdoors. Be sure to follow these tips to stay safe in the winter.

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Five Tips for Exercising Safely in Cold Weather infographic. Click through for full pdf.

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Five Tips for Exercising Safely During Cold weather

Don't let falling temperatures stop your outdoor exercise plans. You can walk, ski, ice skate, shovel snow, and more.

Take a few extra steps to stay safe:

  1. Warm up and cool down, such as stretching or walking in place, to prepare and restore your muscles before and after a workout.
  2. Pick the right clothes. Dress in several layers of loose clothing to trap warm air between them. Wear a waterproof coat or jacket if it's snowy or rainy, and don't forget a hat, scarf, and gloves.
  3. Be extra careful around snow and icy sidewalks so you won't slip and fall. Wear sturdy shoes to give you proper footing.
  4. Learn about the signs of hypothermia, a drop in body temperature that can cause serious health problems.
  5. Check the forecast. If it's too windy, cold, or wet outside, consider an indoor workout instead using an online video or your own routine.

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