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Talking with Your Older Patient

Communicating well with older patients can be a challenge for many healthcare professionals, often complicated by issues such as hearing loss and memory problems. Learn how to talk effectively with older patients, including how to discuss cognitive impairment, break bad news, and work with families and caregivers.


Understanding Older Patients

Use these tips to communicate with older patients in ways that are respectful and effective for information exchange.
Older woman talking to her doctor

Obtaining an Older Patient's Medical History

Learn how to obtain a medical history of an older patient, including important information about current and past concerns, family history, medications, and socioeconomic situation.
Older man talking to his doctor about his medical history

Encouraging Wellness in Older Patients

Older adults may have challenges with exercising regularly and eating well. Learn how to encourage physical activity and healthy diets for older patients.
Older woman doing water aerobics

Working with Diverse Older Patients

Learn how understanding the traditions of different cultures among older patients and providing interpretation for those with limited English can help promote good health care.
Hispanic man smiling at a doctor