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Caregiver Worksheets

The caregiver worksheets can help you coordinate care and keep track of your caregiving responsibilities and needs. You can download, print, and copy the worksheets.

Worksheet: Coordinating caregiving responsibilities

Caregiving comes with many responsibilities that can be helpful to divide up among family and friends. Use this worksheet for identifying and sharing caregiving tasks with others.

View Worksheet (PDF, 161K)

Worksheet: Home safety checklist

This room-by-room checklist helps you identify and remove hazards around an older person’s home to help keep them safe.

View Worksheet (PDF, 251K)

Worksheet: Questions to ask before hiring a care provider

Before signing an agreement for home health care or geriatric care management, get as much information as you can about the services, fees, terms, and restrictions. You can use this worksheet to help you collect information about each service you’re considering.

View Worksheet (PDF, 142K)

Worksheet: Questions to consider before moving an older adult into your home

In some cases, it makes sense for an older parent, relative, or friend to move into your home so you can take care of them. Use this list of questions when thinking about whether this kind of move is the right arrangement for you.

View Worksheet (PDF, 411K)

Worksheet: Managing medications and supplements

Use this worksheet to keep track of every prescription drug, over-the-counter medicine, and supplement the older adult is taking. Keep this list handy and share it with all of the person’s other caregivers and health care providers.

View Worksheet (PDF, 158K)

Worksheet: Important documents and paperwork

This worksheet provides a checklist of important records, documents, and other information to help you determine what needs to be gathered and stored.

View Worksheet (PDF, 409K)

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