A Healthier Future

orangesThe Spencers have changed their diets, and so far, their cholesterol levels are a little lower. They are dancing again on Saturday nights at the nearby community center. Nick still has a donut on Sunday morning, but he walks to the bakery. They’re always on the lookout for recipes for healthy meals that they can cook together.

Turns out the DASH Eating Plan was just right for Carlos. He lowered his blood pressure and found healthy snacks to have at work. In fact, his coworkers enjoy sharing his microwave popcorn with him!

Steven still plays poker with his friends but gave up the buffalo wings. Instead, he brings baked wings with fat-free dressing, and most of his poker mates seem to prefer those. Esther’s blood sugar is almost back to a normal level—she watches what she eats and, along with Steven, has joined a group of mall walkers.

Marvin is still struggling with his mid-life weight gain, but he’s following a regular Go4Life exercise routine. When he rakes leaves in his yard, he can tell his endurance has improved.

Fast food became a thing of the past for Sharise, once she learned how to find healthy foods in the grocery store. Now she shares with others her tips for cooking quick and healthy meals at home. She arranged for her parents to eat at the senior center once a week, and that helped take a weight off her shoulders as well.

When Ed’s family eats out, they always pepper the waiter with questions about how food is prepared. But they also leave a nice tip!

sprig of rosemaryThe Spencers and their friends, neighbors, and coworkers are all thinking about what’s on their plate, and now it’s your turn. Changing how you think about food might not be easy at first, but keeping your goal of a healthier lifestyle in mind will help you make better choices about the kinds of food you eat and how much. With a little practice, those choices will become easier and more natural—more a part of your everyday life, so in time you will make them without even thinking.

Keep this book handy and refer to it when you are unsure or need more information. With good nutrition and increased physical activity a part of your daily life, you will be taking charge of your health—maybe even making it better with age.

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