What's Your Aging IQ?

Jim is 82.

Jim, 82, lives alone on a pension. To save money in the winter he keeps his thermostat at 62°, even when it's freezing outside. Now it's summer, and he refuses to buy a window air conditioner. When the weather report predicted 100° heat, his son Bob offered to pick Jim up and let him spend the day in Bob's cool house. Jim was grumpy and refused to leave his home.

18. Like Jim, most older people live alone. True / False

19. Do people always get grumpy as they age? Yes / No

20. What about the heat? Can too much heat or cold be dangerous for older people? Yes / No

It seems like older people often are sick and have trouble getting around. Or, is that just another myth about the aging population? Let's see.

21. Americans are actually living longer. But are older Americans also:
a. Healthier
b. Sicker and more disabled

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Última actualización: Enero 22, 2015