What's Your Aging IQ?

Mary is 66.

Mary is 66. woman on a scaleHer husband had a heart attack and died two years ago. She's gained weight in recent years although her eating habits haven't changed. This makes her wonder if she is still attractive. Last month George, a man she met in her local senior center, asked her out. After a few dates, he suggested they become more intimate. Her husband had lost interest in having sex several years before he died, so Mary was surprised, but also pleased. George added to her surprise by asking if she had been with other men and suggested they use a condom to avoid HIV/AIDS.

15. Why might Mary be gaining weight?
a. Her body needs less food as she gets older.
b. She is not exercising as much as in the past.
c. Both of the above
d. Neither of the above

16. Do people begin to lose interest in sex around age 50? Yes / No

17. What is George thinking? Do older people have to worry about getting HIV/AIDS? Yes / No

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Última actualización: Enero 22, 2015