What's Your Aging IQ?

Phyllis is 65.

Phyllis is 65. Recently, she had a DXA-scan to check her bone density. The results showed she was at risk of a hip, wrist, or spine fracture because she has osteoporosis. Her doctor wants her to start doing weight-bearing activities to increase the density of her bones and balance exercises to help her avoid falls.couple exercising

In addition, the doctor suggested she get her husband to do those activities with her to protect his bones. A program of 30 minutes of moderate-level activity on most days of the week might also help prevent heart disease in both of them.


2. Is Phyllis too old to exercise?
Yes / No

3. Should her husband worry about his bones? Yes / No
Do men get osteoporosis also? Yes / No

4. Does Phyllis have to worry about heart disease too? Yes / No

Fecha de publicación: Julio 2010
Última actualización: Enero 22, 2015