Safe Use of Medicines

Hints to get the best results from your medicines

Use this list to check off the tips you will try. Keep the list handy so you can read it each time you get a new medicine.

Keep a list

  • I will write down the names of my prescription drugs and any vitamins, remedies, or OTC drugs I am taking.
  • I will keep a list of the doctors who prescribed my medicines and the amount I take.
  • I will add any new medicines to my list.

Check labels

  • I will check the label on my medicine before I start a new medicine. I will make sure it has my name on it.
  • I will call the doctor or pharmacist if I have questions about how to take the medicine.

Take the medicine the right way—each day

  • I will take the medicine in the exact amount (never more or less) listed on the label.
  • I will take the medicine at the times the doctor told me to.
  • I will not stop taking my prescription drug unless my doctor says it is okay—even if I am feeling better.

Learn about side effects

  • I will talk to my doctor or pharmacist if I have questions about the written information that comes with my prescription.
  • I will call my doctor right away if I am having side effects. My doctor may be able to suggest another medicine or offer hints to lower the side effects.

Play it safe

  • I will not give friends or family members medicine meant for me.
  • I will not take medicine prescribed for others.
  • I will not drink any beer, wine, or hard liquor while I am taking a medicine unless my doctor says it is okay.
  • I will not take any medicine that is too old (expired date on the label).

“I talk to my doctor each time she prescribes a new medicine. I take in my list of questions and go point by point. I also find my pharmacist helpful in answering my questions. I’m not one to take medicine without knowing the facts.”


Fecha de publicación: Julio 2013
Última actualización: Julio 2, 2015