Stay Safe in Cold Weather!

Bundle up on windy, cool days

Kay’s story

Image of older woman outside in snowWe’re a farm family, and the chores don’t stop when the weather gets cold. My sister Sarah and I are in our 70s. When it is cold, we wear our gloves, hats, boots, scarves, and layers of loose clothing under our jackets.

We don’t stay outside for long stretches. When the wind is really whipping, we stay inside and call on my grandsons to help with the outdoor work. It doesn’t have to be freezing outside for an older person to get hypothermia.

Bundle up on windy, cool days

A high wind can quickly lower your body temperature. Check the weather forecast for windy and cold days. On those days, try to stay inside or in a warm place. If you have to go out, wear warm clothes.

Tips for bundling up:

  • Dress for the weather if you have to go out on chilly, cold, or damp days.
  • Wear loose layers of clothing. The air between the layers helps to keep you warm.
  • Put on a hat and scarf. You lose a lot of body heat when your head and neck are uncovered.
  • Wear a waterproof coat or jacket if it’s snowy.


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