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Stay Safe in Cold Weather!

Keep warm inside

Bob’s story

older man with younger man inside
Vermont winters can be very cold. Last December I wanted to save some money so I turned my heat down to 62 degrees. I didn’t know that would put my health in danger.

Luckily, my son Tyler came by to check on me. He saw that I was only wearing a light shirt and that my house was cold. Ty said I was speaking slowly, shivering, and having trouble walking. He wrapped me in a blanket and called 911.

Turns out I had hypothermia. My son’s quick thinking saved my life. Now on cold days, I keep my heat at least at 68 degrees and wear a sweater in the house.

Keep warm inside

Living in a cold house, apartment, or other building can cause hypothermia. People who are sick may have special problems keeping warm. Do not let it get too cold inside and dress warmly.

Fecha de publicación: Junio 2011
Última actualización: Agosto 12, 2015