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Join us April 24-26 for the Geroscience Summit

Siobhan Addie
Siobhan ADDIE,
Health Science Policy Analyst,
Division of Aging Biology (DAB)

The NIH Geroscience Interest Group and NIA will host the Fourth Summit: Geroscience for the Next Generation, April 24-26, as a hybrid event. Geroscience is a rapidly growing field of research through which scientists aim to develop interventions that may slow down or stop the functional decline and reduce the burden of disease that often take place with aging. Be sure to register for this exciting event, which will build on past geroscience summits from 2013 (PDF, 116K), 2016, and 2019 and feature expert speakers and panelist discussions.

The summit objectives are:

  • Underscore that advances in geroscience are meant for all people, setting this discipline in the contexts of precision medicine, minority health, and health disparities
  • Emphasize the need for geroscience research to address comorbidities, multimorbidities, and geriatric syndromes (i.e., multiple long-term health conditions commonly seen in older adults)
  • Explore further development of measures designed to assess health and function in aging (as alternatives to “years since birth” as the independent variable in geroscience research)
  • Consider the importance and utility of mathematical modeling of aging
  • Discuss feasibility, design, and implementation of geroscience clinical trials
  • Examine the importance of evidence-based inclusive geroscience in medical practice

Session and speaker details now online

The three-day event will feature eight sessions:

  • Session 1: Biological Determinants of Health and Disparities in Aging
  • Session 2: Populations for Geroscience: High and Low Burdens of Functional Deficits and Morbidities
  • Session 3: Multimorbidities and Geriatric Syndromes
  • Session 4: Methods for Measuring Health
  • Session 5: Mathematical Modeling of Aging and Health for Geroscience
  • Session 6: Biomarkers for Geroscience
  • Session 7: Geroscience as Medicine in the Clinic and Community
  • Session 8: Geroscience Clinical Trials

Check out the summit website for more details, including confirmed speakers.

We hope you can participate!

Participants may choose to attend in-person on the NIH campus in Bethesda, Maryland, or virtually via Zoom. We encourage you to register for the event and share your perspectives during each session’s moderated discussion, and on X using #GeroscienceSummit. We hope to connect with you!


Submitted by Preeti Pushpal… on March 29, 2023

I would be interested in the opinion piece - this would be a good investment and output of participants' time and their questions. Can you provide more details for what journal or where and when this would happen?

We are planning for a special issue focused on “The Future of Geroscience” stemming from the Summit. It will be published in The Journals of Gerontology: Series A in the months following the event.

A preview editorial discussing the Summit and its goals is available online.


Submitted by Janet Mentes on March 29, 2023

I am wondering if the summit will be videoed and archived because I won't be able to attend.

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