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Staff Listing

For information about specific NIA research areas, contact the NIA research divisions or the Intramural Research Program. For media inquiries, please email , or call 301/496-1752. To contact NIA staff, please search by name or office below. 

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Name Title Office Email
Nelson CASTILLO RIVERA Student IRTA-Summer Experimental Gerontology Section (EGS)
Sayantan CHAKRABORTY Gene Regulation Section (GRS)
Didier CHALHOUB Visiting Fellow Interdisciplinary Studies Aging Section (ISAS)
Toccara CHAMBERLAIN Program Analyst Office of the Director (OD)
Shane CHAMBERS Cardiac Function Section (CFS)
Lisa CHANG Biologist Transgenesis Section (TGS)
Serita CHAPMAN-OLLEY Extramural Support Assistant Division of Neuroscience (DN)
Shaquille CHARLES Student IRTA-Summer Cardiac Function Section (CFS)
Nhi CHAU Program Analyst Division of Aging Biology (DAB)
Sahil CHAWLA Cellular & Molecular Neurosciences Section (CMNS)
Xi CHEN Postdoctoral Visiting Fellow Transgenesis Section (TGS)
Qinghua CHEN Biologist Diabetes Section (DS)
Mei CHEN Biologist Molecular Genetics Sections (MGS)
Chen CHEN Visiting Fellow Immunotherapeutics Section (IS)
Yaohui CHEN Biologist RNA Regulation Section (RRS)
Vivian CHEN Student IRTA - Summer Transgenesis Section (TGS)
Aiwu CHENG Biologist Cellular & Molecular Neurosciences Section (CMNS)
Chee Chia Clinician Scientist Diabetes Section (DS)
Ruth CHIA Research Fellow Neuromuscular Disease Research Section (NDRS)
Nancy CHILES Post Doc Longitudinal Studies Section (LSS)