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Staff Listing

For information about specific NIA research areas, contact the NIA research divisions or the Intramural Research Program. For media inquiries, please email , or call 301/496-1752. To contact NIA staff, please search by name or office below. 

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Name Sort descending Title Office Email
Edward LAKATTA Lab Chief Cardiovascular Science Lab (CSL)
Eleanor SIMONSICK Epidemiologist Longitudinal Studies Section (LSS)
Elena FAZIO Health Scientist Administrator Division of Behavioral and Social Research (DBSR)
Eliezer MASLIAH Director Division of Neuroscience (DN)
Elizabeth BURKE Psychologist Brain Aging and Behavior Section (BABS)
Ellen SILVA Program Analyst Office of Planning, Analysis, and Evaluation (OPAE)
Elliot GLOTFELTY Drug Design and Development Section (DDDS)
Emeline RAGONNAUD Immunotherapeutics Section (IS)
Emily MURPHY Postbac IRTA Cellular & Molecular Neurosciences Section (CMNS)
Eric GOLDSTEIN Office of the Scientific Director (OSD)
Eric HELMS Information Technology Branch (ITB)
Eric SHIROMA Staff Scientist Interdisciplinary Studies Aging Section (ISAS)
Erik MARTIN Post Doc IRTA Gene Regulation Section (GRS)
Erin GOODSTEIN Post Bac IRTA Clinical Investigation Lab (CIL)
Erin WADE Post Bac IRTA Experimental Gerontology Section (EGS)
Erin WILLIAMS Administrative Officer Administrative Management Branch (AMB)
Evan HADLEY Director, Division of Geriatrics and Clinical Gerontology Division of Geriatrics and Clinical Gerontology (DGCG)
Evgeny KOBRINSKY Senior Research Fellow Cardioprotection Section (CPS)
Ezelle WOODEN Lead Extramural Support Assistant Scientific Review Branch (SRB)
Fatemeh ADELNIA NAJAFABADI Visiting Fellow Longitudinal Studies Section (LSS)