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Staff Listing

For information about specific NIA research areas, contact the NIA research divisions or the Intramural Research Program. For media inquiries, please email , or call 301/496-1752. To contact NIA staff, please search by name or office below. 

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Name Title Office Email
Ali Mustafa TABISH Visiting Fellow DNA Helicases Section (DHCS)
Seth TALYANSKY Student IRTA - Summer Molecular Biology and Immunology Lab (MBIL)
Mayuri TANAKA Experimental Gerontology Section (EGS)
Toshiko TANAKA Research Associate Longitudinal Studies Section (LSS)
Diego TANTON Student IRTA-Summer Translational Gerontology Branch (TGB)
Erika TARVER Division of Neuroscience (DN)
Ferda TEKIN TURHAN Supplemental Predoc VF Experimental Gerontology Section (EGS)
Richard TELLJOHANN Biologist Cardiac Function Section (CFS)
Antonio TERRACCIANO Guest Researcher Brain Aging and Behavior Section (BABS)
Madhav THAMBISETTY Investigator Brain Aging and Behavior Section (BABS)
Ravi THARAKAN Postdoc IRTA Longitudinal Studies Section (LSS)
Qu TIAN Staff Scientist Longitudinal Studies Section (LSS)
Jane TIAN Biologist DNA Repair Section (DRS)
Wo-Tu TIAN Transgenesis Section (TGS)
Ed TILMONT Biologist Office of the Scientific Director (OSD)
Jean TIONG KOEHLER Special Assistant to the Division Director Division of Neuroscience (DN)
Annette TIRABASSI Support Assistant (OA) Translational Gerontology Branch (TGB)
Vinod TIWARI Visiting Fellow DNA Repair Section (DRS)
Bryan TRAYNOR Senior Investigator Neuromuscular Disease Research Section (NDRS)
Ethan TREPKA Student IRTA-Summer Neurocognitive Aging Section (NAS)