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Staff Listing

For information about specific NIA research areas, contact the NIA research divisions or the Intramural Research Program. For media inquiries, please email, or call 301/496-1752. To contact NIA staff, please search by name or office below. 

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Name Title Office Email
Katherine FALCON Student IRTA-Summer Neurocognitive Aging Section (NAS)
Jinshui FAN Biolgist RNA Regulation Section (RRS)
Giovanna FANTONI Staff Scientist Clinical Research Core (CRC)
Dana FAULCON Program Analyst Epidemiology & Pop Science Lab (EPSL)
Mary FAULKNER Diabetes Section (DS)
Elena FAZIO Director, Office of AD-ADRD Strategic Coordination OASC Division of Behavioral and Social Research (DBSR)
Olga FEDOROVA Staff Scientist Cardiac Function Section (CFS)
Anqi FENG Pre-doctoral Visiting Fellow Brain Aging and Behavior Section (BABS)
Maria FERNANDEZ Experimental Gerontology Section (EGS)
Luigi FERRUCCI Scientific Director Office of the Scientific Director (OSD)
Akrivi Christina FEVGA Postdoctoral Visiting Fellow Neuromuscular Disease Research Section (NDRS)
Kimberly FIRTH, PhD Health Scientist Administrator Scientific Review Branch (SRB)
Kenneth FISHBEIN Staff Scientist Clinical Research Core (CRC)
Roberto FLORES-MUNGUIA Division of Aging Biology (DAB)
Eugene FONG Center for Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias (CARD)
Jennifer FOX Health Scientist Administrator Division of Aging Biology (DAB)
Iggy FRANCIS Administrative Specialist Administrative Management Branch (AMB)
David FRANKOWSKI Health Specialist FTE Division of Neuroscience (DN)
Sandra FRANKTON Administrative Officer Office of the Scientific Director (OSD)
Chester FRAZIER Other Biologist Diabetes Section (DS)

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