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Name Office Phone Email
CHERYL HOWARD Clinical Investigation Lab (CIL) 410-558-8369 e-mail
CHERYL LEONARD Office of the Scientific Director (OSD) 410-558-8306 e-mail
CHERYL SHERMAN BAUST Gene Regulation Section (GRS) 410-558-8477 e-mail
CHESTER FRAZIER Diabetes Section (DS) 410-558-8424 e-mail
CHHANDA DUTTA Division of Geriatrics and Clinical Gerontology (DGCG) 301-496-4161 e-mail
CHRIS COLETTA Human Genetics Section (HGS) 410-558-8170 e-mail
CHRISTA MORRIS Comparative Medicine Section (CMS) 410-558-8191 e-mail
CHYREN HUNTER Division of Extramural Activities (DEA) 301-496-9322 e-mail
CLARE JEFFERSON Office of the Scientific Director (OSD) 410-558-8015 e-mail
CREIGHTON PHELPS Division of Neuroscience (DN) 301-496-9350 e-mail
CUONG NGUYEN Dna Repair Section (DRS) 410-558-8362 e-mail
CYNTHIA CREWS Neurogenetics Lab (NL) 301-451-3826 e-mail
DALLAS ANDERSON Division of Neuroscience (DN) 301-496-9350 e-mail
DANA FAULCON Behavioral Epidemiology Section (BES) 410-558-8388 e-mail
DANIEL MCNEILL Repair of Endogenous DNA Damage Section (REDNADS) 410-558-8628 e-mail
DANIEL RIORDON Cardiac Function Section (CFS) 410-558-8678 e-mail
DARRELL NORTON Antibody Diversity Section (ADS) 410-558-8471 e-mail
DAVID BRAWLEY Financial Management Branch (FMB) 301-451-8831 e-mail
DAVID REITER Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy Section (MRISS) 410-350-8450 e-mail
DAVID SCHLESSINGER Genetics Lab (GL) 410-558-8337 e-mail